Home Insurance Coverage — What Is and Isn’t Covered

Standard home insurance policies provide the following types of coverage, up to the limits outlined in the policies:

  • Dwelling — Covers the damage or destruction to your home and structures attached to it, such as a deck. (Coverage A)
  • Other Structures — Covers the damage or destruction to any unattached structures and buildings, such as fences, detached garages, and storage sheds (Coverage B).
  • Personal Property — Covers the contents of your house, including furniture, clothing and appliances, if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed (Coverage C). Special limits apply to certain items such as jewelry, watches and furs.
  • Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses — Covers the additional living expenses if your home is too damaged to live in during repairs (Coverage D).
  • Personal Liability — Covers you against financial loss if you are sued and found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage (Coverage E).
  • Medical Payments — Covers medical bills for people hurt on your property (Coverage F). Medical Payments coverage may also pay for some injuries that may happen away from your home, such as if your dog bites someone.

You may also be able to purchase the following optional home insurance coverages:

  • Personal Property Replacement Cost — Pays the replacement value on property damaged by a covered loss, with no deduction for depreciation, subject to your policy limits and deductibles. For example, if your leather recliner is destroyed in a covered loss, Personal Property Replacement Cost will pay the full cost to replace it. It doesn’t matter if you bought the recliner two months ago or ten years ago.  You will be compensated to replace your recliner with a new one of like kind and quality.
  • Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement — May also be called a personal article floater. With this coverage, possessions, including jewelry, furs, stamps, coins, guns, computers, antiques, etc., are covered. Each article is itemized and detailed in the floater, and excluded perils also are outlined. Personal article floaters often do not have deductibles.
  • Water Back Up and Sump Overflow — Provides coverage up to a specific dollar amount if water backs up through your sewer or drain, or if water overflows or is discharged from your sump pump.
  • Increased Limits on Money and Securities — Increases coverage amounts for money, bank notes, securities, deeds and more.
  • Special Coverage for Contents — Provides broader protection for your possessions; your personal property is covered in more situations than the basic policy.
  • Credit Card Forgery and Depositors Forgery Coverage Endorsement — Coverage applies if your credit cards are lost, stolen or used without permission, or if someone forges a check, draft, promissory note, etc. Certain restrictions apply and are noted in your home insurance policy.

A standard home insurance policy may not protect you from:

  • Flood — Flood coverage is not included in your home insurance policy, but is available for purchase as a separate policy. A Flood insurance policy covers damage due to flooding, according to the guidelines established by the National Flood Insurance Program. If you live in a flood plain and you have a mortgage, you may be required to carry flood insurance.
  • Windstorm & Hail Damage — In certain areas (mainly coastal locations), standard home insurance coverage may not cover damage caused by windstorms and hail. Check your policy information to see if windstorm damage is covered in your area. If this coverage is excluded, you may be able to qualify for a separate wind insurance policy, depending on your location.


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