What Coverages Are Included Under a Standard National Flood Insurance Policy?

The coverages available under a standard National Flood Insurance Policy include Building Coverage, Contents Coverage and Replacement Cost Coverage.

What’s Included Under Building Coverage?

Building Coverage protects the structure of your home or business. It includes above-ground appliances and other items of property that are considered to be part of the building:

    • Central air conditioners, refrigerators, walk-in freezers
    • Built-in dishwashers, built-in microwaves, ranges, cooking stoves and ovens
    • Hot water heaters, furnaces and radiators, garbage disposal units
    • Awnings, blinds and canopies
    • Carpet permanently installed over unfinished flooring
    • Permanently installed cupboards, bookcases, cabinets, paneling and wallpaper
    • Elevator equipment, fire sprinkler systems, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures
    • Outdoor antennas and aerials fastened to buildings

In a basement, which is defined as any room where the floor is below ground on all sides (not very common here in Florida), coverage is limited to the following:

    • Furnaces, hot water heaters, water softeners, central air conditioners, heat pumps
    • Utility connections, sump pumps, fuel and water tanks
    • Supports and anchors required to hold up building, fiberglass insulation, dry wall or sheet rock walls – unfinished, unfloated and not taped
    • Electrical wiring and circuit breaker boxes
    • Clean-up after a flood

Clothes washers, dryers and food freezers located below ground in a basement, are not covered under Building Coverage. Contents Coverage can be purchased separately for these items.

What Building Coverage Options Are Available?

    • Residential homes can be insured up to a maximum of $250,000 under Building Coverage.
    • Non-residential buildings can be insured up to a maximum of $500,000 under Building Coverage.
    • Replacement Cost Coverage applies to single-family dwellings and residential condominium building associations. To qualify, the building must be your principal residence, it must be owner occupied, and it must be insured at the time of the loss for at least 80 percent of the building’s replacement cost or the maximum coverage available, whichever is less. Condominium unit owners need to purchase Contents Coverage to cover personal property.

Why Do I Need Contents Coverage?

Just an inch of water can cause costly damage to your property. Flash flooding usually causes more damage to a building’s contents than damage to the building itself.

You’ll want to think about coverage for your personal property items as well as the structure of your building. Your personal belongings help make your house, apartment, condominium, mobile home, or co-op unit a home. You don’t want to risk losing them in the event of a flood.

What’s Included In Contents Coverage?

    • Clothing and furniture
    • Portable or window-type air conditioning units
    • Portable microwaves and portable dishwashers
    • Carpets over finished flooring located above ground
    • Carpets, not permanently installed, over unfinished flooring
    • “Cook-out” grills
    • Food freezers (other than walk-ins which are covered under Building Coverage)
    • Clothes washers and dryers

Clothes washers, dryers and food freezers are only covered by Contents Coverage, whether they are located above ground, or below ground in a basement.

How Much Contents Coverage Is Available?

    • Up to $100,000 for contents with a Standard Flood Insurance Policy
    • Up to $100,000 for contents with a Preferred Risk Policy

Personal property contents are covered on an actual cash value basis. Replacement cost coverage is not available for contents.


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