Medical Payments Coverage

Your auto insurance can help protect you in many different situations, but what about medical costs related to personal injuries as a result of an accident. Medical payments coverage helps pay for a wide variety of accident—or incident-related bills, no matter who’s at fault.

Medical Payments Coverage 101

When you’re reviewing your auto insurance coverages and options, you may want to toss the Medical Payments piece into the mix. This optional coverage offers wide-ranging protection within a number of accident scenarios: an accident involving the insured vehicle; an accident when you’re traveling in another person’s vehicle; and even if the policyholder or a family member is hit by a car while walking.

Here’s another important item to note: medical payments coverage protects your passengers, and any family members driving in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

Many people assume they don’t need medical payments coverage within their auto insurance policy if they’re covered by an employer-sponsored health plan or other health plan coverage. But here’s something to think about: if your health plan carries a deductible, medical payments coverage can help pay for your deductible—or even cover it completely.

Remember, too, that your health plan’s coverage may not extend to your passengers at all.

Medical payments coverage is typically available in several coverage levels, including $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, and possibly higher. And it’s typically one of the least expensive auto insurance options, adding only a few dollars to your monthly premium.

What Exactly is Covered – and When?

Medical payments coverage typically helps pay for:

    • Doctor visits
    • Hospital visits and/or stays
    • Surgery
    • X-rays
    • EMT & ambulance fees
    • Professional nursing service and care
    • Prostheses
    • Funeral costs

As for who’s covered, it’s important to understand that if you choose the medical payments option within your policy, it generally covers medical expenses no matter who’s found to be at fault. It covers you, your passengers, and any family members driving the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

Also remember that this coverage may also cover policyholders and family members injured in someone else’s car—and can even pay for medical costs if you or a family member is hit by a car while out for a walk.


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