I have a health insurance policy, why do I need Medical Payments Coverage on my auto insurance policy?

Medical Payments Coverage can help pay medical expenses no matter who’s at fault. It covers you, your passengers, and any family members driving or riding in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

Many people assume they don’t need medical payments coverage within their auto insurance policy if they’re covered by an employer-sponsored health plan or other health plan coverage.  If this is you, below you’ll find 9 reasons to carry this important coverage:

1. The 20% co-pay not covered by your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is covered by the medical payments coverage.
2. Medical payments coverage responds as a pedestrian out of state, while PIP does not.
3. Someone injured in a rental car or other non-owned auto out of state gets no PIP but medical payments coverage responds.
4. A pedestrian struck by a city bus gets medical payments coverage, but no PIP.
5. An occupant of a city bus gets medical payments coverage but no PIP.
6. A pedestrian struck by a motorcycle gets medical payments coverage but no PIP.
7. Medical payments coverage responds for medical bills at 100% after PIP is exhausted.
8. Funeral benefits are provided by medical payments coverage but not PIP.
9. Other passengers in your auto can get your medical payments coverage, but they can’t always get your PIP.


The last point is worth mentioning again. Your health plan’s coverage may not extend to your passengers at all. Medical payments coverage protects your passengers, and any family members driving in the insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

These reasons also don’t even consider the aggravation saved by not having to fill out a the claim forms for a health policy, submit them for payment, wait for an explanation of benefits from the health insurance company, and then deal with the “reasonable and customary” limitations of your health policy.  If PIP and medical payments coverage are on the auto policy, medical bills should be paid up to the policy limits without involvement of the health insurance policy.


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