Behind Our Logo

We’ve often been told that our logo is unique and been asked if there’s any meaning behind it. We did put quite a bit of thought and effort forward in designing the logo. The tree has meaning not only because it’s a family tree, symbolizing the the three generations of Wurzel’s in the insurance industry, but the word Wurzel actually means “root” in German. The tree symbolizes the family roots in insurance and the longevity included in the Wurzel name. The three branches represent the three generations that have worked in insurance. The leaves represent the couples starting with Eugene and Lillian Wurzel, Bob and Marcia Wurzel and Robert and Anne-Marie Wurzel. The tree lends itself to “branch out” and be passed down; branches and leaves would be added to the tree in each generation and the tree would continue to grow.

The tree logo was carefully created and designed by Melissa Wurzel, Robert Wurzel’s sister, who is the Director of Marketing at Florida Virtual School.