Hurricane Irma: Phone Numbers For Claims Departments

To report a claim directly to your insurance carrier, please contact them at the phone number or website link below:   American Strategic (ASI): 1-866-274-5677  or click here to file online   American Traditions: 1-866-270-8430   Ark Royal: 1-866-274-5677 or click here to file online   Bristol West: 1-800-274-7865 or click here to file online   Bankers: 1-800-765-9700   Capitol Preferred: 1-888-388-2742 or click here… Continue reading »

Hurricane Irma: What To Do Now and After The Storm

Hurricane Irma may prove to be among the biggest natural disasters in history in terms of the total dollar value of loss. According to early insurance industry estimates, the damage could total up to $125-$130 billion. This is not just because of the strength of the storm, but the sheer size of it. Bryan Norcross, hurricane… Continue reading »

5 Steps for Finding a Lost Life Insurance Policy

  The Insurance Information Institute (III) reminded Americans during Insurance Awareness Month to keep clean policy records and to know where they are located. When people die, it is not uncommon for their life insurance benefits to remain unclaimed because of beneficiaries not knowing about the existence of a policy. If dependents are left to… Continue reading »

Top Habits and Misconceptions That Make The Roads More Dangerous

  In recent years, motor vehicle deaths have increased significantly. The National Safety Council pinpointed some of the most common beliefs and behaviors of drivers that put everyone on the road at risk. During the past year, NSC surveys were collected to show the surprising rates of dangerous habits and opinions. Researchers said that these… Continue reading »

How To Keep Children Safe In Home Pools

While summer is a time for fun and sun in the outdoors each year, tragically at least 200 children lose their lives in pools during this season. The Red Cross sponsors several campaigns and provides safety tips for Americans to keep themselves and their families safe when there is a pool or hot tub on… Continue reading »

How To Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy

  In the past, many widows and orphans had a problem: When a loved one passed away, it was often difficult to find old life insurance policies – or even find out if one was in force. Some states created databases of policies issued within their jurisdictions, but there was no nationwide database to turn… Continue reading »

Water Damage Coverage Explained

  In some instances, water damage is covered by insurance. However, there are limitations. The best way to ensure that damages will be covered is to frequently inspect your home to find any problems that may be causing water damage. When Is Water Damage Covered? If a sudden event causes water damage, it is usually… Continue reading »