12 Fire Prevention & Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

  The two most common days for home fires in the United States are Christmas and Christmas Eve. Fire officials encourage everyone to make safety a top priority during the entire holiday season. One of the primary causes of holiday house fires is cooking. Heating comes in second place. The increased use of candles on… Continue reading »

Toilet Failure Is A Leading Cause of Residential and Commercial Water Damage

  Leaky plumbing fixtures and burst pipes are common reasons for home and commercial water damage insurance claims every year. Some common issues with toilets can lead to serious water damage, and many plumbing problems are preventable with regular maintenance and a watchful eye. If a toilet is experiencing problems, call a professional immediately. The… Continue reading »

Not All Auto Insurance Policies Are Created Equal

  When it comes to auto insurance policies, there are countless options on the market. However, not all policies are created equal. While you may be tempted to buy the insurance policy with the lowest price tag, this choice could end up costing you untold amounts of money in the long run. It’s extremely important… Continue reading »

Let an Umbrella Policy Be Your Safety Net

  There comes a certain point in your life when you can look back with a sense of pride at what you have been able to accomplish. Your hard work has paid off and you now are the proud owner of a nice house, a great vacation home, a luxury car and all the other… Continue reading »

How Much Homeowners Insurance Do You REALLY Need?

  Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so you’ll want to take measures to safeguard that valuable investment. The best way to protect your home investment is through Homeowner’s Insurance. However, you shouldn’t settle for just any policy. The type and amount of insurance you need depends on your specific home,… Continue reading »

8 Insurance Policies You Need in Florida

  Without a doubt, the question I’ve heard the most over the past 17+ years of my insurance career in Florida has been “How much coverage do I need?” The correct answer is always “you should purchase as much coverage as you can afford”, which unfortunately doesn’t offer an easy, cookie-cutter solution to follow. It… Continue reading »

9 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

It is common to hear unfortunate stories every day about people dying from heart attacks, car accidents or in other unexpected and sudden ways. What would happen if this were you? For people who have family members they would leave behind, the biggest concern is usually what would happen to them? Unless a person has… Continue reading »