As Disasters Increase in Scope and Cost, Revisit Your Homeowner’s Coverage

  In 2017, the U.S. experienced one of the most disaster-filled years in history, with tens of thousands of people losing their homes and countless others temporarily displaced. The insurance industry is expecting the trend to continue, based on climate forecasts and the history of natural disasters and their costs over the past 10 years…. Continue reading »

Four Thefts That Show Not All Thieves Are Stupid

  While the majority of people live their lives honestly and don’t steal and cheat, unfortunately there are plenty of unscrupulous people in society that have no qualms about stealing from you. And while many people think that overall, thieves are stupid, many of them are calculating and know when to strike. Often, these are… Continue reading »

Determining Who Is at Fault in an Auto Accident

Determining who is legally responsible in an auto accident requires identifying who the negligent party is. In most cases, common sense can be used to determine fault, but often drivers do not know exactly which laws were broken by the at-fault party. This makes it more difficult to prove a case to an insurer when… Continue reading »

How to File a Fire Insurance Claim: 14 Vital Tips

Every late summer and early fall wildfires rage in many parts of the West and Southwest, as the fires running almost the length of California this year show. Thousands of homes have burned to the ground and thousands of people have been displaced. During this time of crisis, when you’ve lost what is for most… Continue reading »

More Accidents, Costlier Claims Prompt Rise in Premiums

Be prepared for rising premiums on your auto insurance policy as the number of claims from accidents caused by distracted driving booms. Most major insurers are raising their auto insurance rates due to a sudden escalation in the cost of claims. That’s been driven largely by a surge in crashes that has been blamed on… Continue reading »

This New Year Resolve to Review Your Insurance

While you may have made some good New Year’s resolutions, to make sure that you are not leaving anything to chance you should also revisit your insurance policies. You may have acquired new property, upgraded your home or bought new stuff for your house and, considering the increasing risks of natural catastrophes, you may now… Continue reading »

The High Cost of Not Having Life Insurance

  Life insurance premiums aren’t cheap – but the cost of not having life insurance is far more. Despite this fact, it’s an all too common mistake and one of the few financial mistakes from which there is no hope of recovery. Far too many families and small business owners overlook the foundational financial planning… Continue reading »