Insurance MATTERS


It’s great to be a part of the neighborhood.

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” -Fred Rogers

As a third generation insurance agent, I know that in order to properly insure my clients I need to understand what their individual needs and expectations are for insurance before I even begin to prepare a quote. I need to understand them on a personal level, and find out what they have that is important that needs to be protected.

This is what my family has been doing since 1955 when my grandfather began selling insurance in Winter Haven, FL, when my father began selling insurance in 1972 in Fort Myers, FL, and what I have been doing here in Oviedo, FL since I started in insurance, in 1999.

When I started my own independent insurance agency in 2008, I made my agency’s primary focus to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing a sound, comprehensive insurance plan that will properly protect them based on their individual needs. We achieve this by the promises we make and keep:

  1. We promise to have a relationship based on honesty and trust with our clients.
  2. We promise to be a different kind of insurance agency by asking what our clients want before making any recommendations to meet all of their expectations.
  3. We promise to offer a comprehensive approach that will include thoroughness, attention to detail, and the highest quality customer service in the insurance industry.

There are very specific ways I am able to deliver on these three promises. For one, I’m an independent insurance agent that works for my clients, not an insurance company. For another, I’m not limited to a single insurance company’s policies, plans, rates, or guidelines as most insurance agents are. Rather, I can search dozens of policies from many reputable companies to make sure my client’s needs and expectations are met.

Because I have succeeded in consistently fulfilling these promises, Dave Ramsey, the highly respected financial advisor continues to endorse me and keep me as the official “Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for insurance.”

But there are a few other things you should know. They aren’t really secrets, just common sense sort of stuff that has gotten lost in all the marketing spin from many of my insurance agency competitors.

  • Not all insurance COMPANIES are the same. With the number of companies that have become insolvent, even in the past 10 years when we haven’t had a hurricane, you should always be asking about the financial strength of your insurance company. You can look at the grades rating companies like AM Best or Demotech give each carrier, but the best way I’ve found to truly understand the financial stability of a company is to look at their Risk Based Capital (RBC) score.
  • Not all insurance POLICIES are the same. While the numbers for the different coverages may look similar, the most important parts of the policies are found in the endorsements included in on the policy (all those funny looking codes) and the policy language found in the actual policy. Yes, that thick booklet of legalese you don’t look at is actually very important! Named peril, special coverage form, personal property replacement cost, water damage exclusion, catastrophic ground cover collapse…most of this does not make sense to the average person. That’s why it’s my job to explain it to you and show you the differences. As a licensed and trained insurance nerd agent, I take time to figure out the minor differences within each policy to make sure you are properly covered.
  • Not all insurance AGENCIES are the same. I can’t speak for any other insurance agencies out there, but you know our promises. We are going to be honest and truthful with you on the coverage being offered and will try to help you by advising you on what you have or are being offered elsewhere and if it will truly and fully meet your needs. And here’s one fact you won’t hear many insurance agents talk about. Insurance isn’t negotiable and we don’t control the price an insurance company offers. The only way we can reduce the price of a quote is to reduce your coverage. Instead of just assuming what you need without asking, we will explain to you the coverage and why it is important so we can find out if it is something you actually need, and based on this new information, let you make a fully informed decision.

The first right decision in protecting all of your assets is finding an insurance agent who understands you and your family. We pride ourselves in taking the time to discuss your needs to ensure that you don’t find a gap in coverage when you need it most—something that can’t always be done in 15 minutes or less and is too important to rush.



Get Covered. Live Well.