Why choose an independent agent?


In this age of big box stores and computerized customer service, talking to an actual person who can make a difference where it counts is all too rare.

Fortunately, with an independent insurance agent, you’ll get the exception, not the rule. But, individualized, personal attention to your insurance needs isn’t the only reason to choose a local, independent agent

Ironically, another great reason is because you actually get a lot more options when you deal with an independent agent! That’s because you gain considerably more flexibility. How so? An independent agent is not beholden to a particular insurance company. That means they can research the best rates — truly customizing your coverage. They’ll get multiple quotes, bargaining on your behalf, saving you time and energy … and money!

There’s no doubt about it — we all live without a lot of margin these days. An independent agent can take your insurance concerns off your plate, doing the legwork and essentially leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

When it comes to insurance, you’ve definitely got options.

I’ll be the first to admit it. After all, the major players have advertisements everywhere. Billboards, radio spots, television commercials … it’s hard to miss that creepy stack of money, or the president from 24, or even that incredibly chatty saleswoman! Yet, despite the visibility and perceived popularity of big companies, I’m convinced that placing your insurance needs with a local, independent agent is your best bet.

How so? Well, consider the benefits of having your insurance agent in close proximity to where you live, work, and play:

A local agent is invested in the trends of your community. It is their business to know how local factors, like a changing housing market, might affect your need for increasing or decreasing coverage. Plus, when you have the potential of running into your agent at the local coffee shop, you can’t be just a policy number. A local agent’s success is driven by his/her ability to be available and to develop a relationship with you, their customer. That relationship is mutually beneficial; you have direct contact with a professional who knows (and values) your individual insurance needs.

It’s true that you have a lot of options when it comes to insurance coverage, but now, knowing how a local agent can serve you, is there really a choice?



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